Emergency Notification Systems

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Active students and employees access Omnilert here:

Parents and other Hollins community members who do not have a Hollins account can sign up for SMS text notifications by texting: ‘Hollins‘ to ‘79516‘ and can unsubscribe by texting ‘Stop‘ to ‘79516‘.

The HollinsAlert application displays emergency messages on anyone’s computer with the application  installed.

Omnilert is a mass notification system that can alert members of the Hollins community with text messages on their cell phones, desktop alerts on their computers, e-mail message, voice messages on their phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With more than 90% of college students having cell phones, this method of communication increases awareness within the Hollins community. Time-sensitive messages can be delivered immediately. In the event of a campus emergency or a school closing due to inclement weather, an alert message is sent out to any text-capable device such as a mobile phone, Blackberry, telephone or an e-mail address a user has registered with the system. The choice is yours and you can enter multiple addresses. Parents are welcome to sign up for these messages as well.

The campus loop is great for walking and running and is safe too. Call boxes encompass the campus loop for additional safety.